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Our digipak front and back cover

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Our digipak inside cover
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Construction Post 6: Website Post Production

Click on the landing page below to access our website.
The landing page of the website for Layla Obi
Neither Wix nor Photoshop were software I was accustomed to using before this music video project. For creation of our artist's merchandise I was using Photoshop to take a photo of a plain item of clothing, such as a light, blue long sleeve t-shirt and then using the Amarillo font from the website 'Dafont' importing the font into the student font manager to include our 'Layla Obi' iconic font onto the clothing. As well as this I used the clone stamp tool on photoshop, which at this point I was used to using from the editing of the album cover, to take the label out of sight from the back of the shirt.

One example of a blue t shirt from the created Layla Obi merchandise

Wix was easier than I thought it would be to use. There were button features to be imported and edited simply, as if you were editing on simple Microsoft Office software. These buttons linked to the conventional pages on the website, such as the Gallery, Merchandise and Music page. 

There was a lot of personal information about the artist on the website as well that fans could interact with, i.e. one could buy merchandise on the merchandise page, order tickets from the 'Tour Dates' page, join the mailing list for more artist news and information, interact with social media buttons, listen and watch the new single for 'Blue Lights', scroll through the artist's Q&A leading to the website for the full interview at 'Love Magazine', buy the new album, scroll through photos of the artist on the 'Gallery page' and watch a 15 second short video with the artist addressing her fanbase. 

I am pleased with the website, as it managed to successfully fulfil the conventions of artist's websites, which we did take inspiration from, e.g. the video aesthetic of Izzy Bizu's website. As well as that there is clear artist branding that stays consistent throughout as well as a simple easy to use layout, interactivity for fans and successful social networking page links that were available for any user of the site to reach.

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