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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

R+P Post 4: Representation of social groups in our opening sequence

Our film opening sequence represents the middle class, young adult social group in a positive light on the basis that our main character, who's a 19 year-old hacker, seems to be independent and clever. This is shown by the shots of him downloading code and hacking, storing information onto his USB stick, a skill that only a few people have the ability to do. The character, however, is also going to represent the social group in a negative light by being rebellious as a hacker, but he is very inferior to those, who tracked down to find him and so sympathy can very easily be given to him by the audience when he becomes a victim of violence at the end of the title sequence. The fact that the character is rebellious will also be familiar for young adults and old teenagers represented as a social group and for our target audience watching, who can relate to him as a character.

The character will also be relatable with our target audience due to the fact that the hacking scene will be taking place in the character's bedroom at home and the clothes he will be wearing will be typical for old teenagers and young adults, i.e. tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie and a pair of nike trainers. This will show that despite the fact he is a hacker he seems to be quite normal and live in a familiar setting to most people, walking around London suburbia in a few of the shots.

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