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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Evaluation Q3: Are you pleased with the footage and your finished edit? Is it how you expected it to look? What works really well and what would you change?

I was greatly pleased with the quality shots we got from the shoot day and our successful edit of these shots to create a high quality shot-by-shot edit music video. As a group we successfully edited together the shots to create a sleek, professional quality remake of the famous 'Shake It Off' music video. Our director Dom said, "It's great!" Also the performance director Jasmine said, "It's incredible!"

Our group's finished edit

What worked well:
  • We edited accurately shot-by-shot to match both the lip-sync and the frames with the original.
  • The colour grading looked similar to the colouration of the original video shots and brought a sleeker, more beautiful aesthetic. We used the 'levels' tool to make the colours richer and changed the colours on the three way colour tool as well as changing the light, saturation and contrast to suit the aesthetic we wanted. 
  • It was an entertaining video with successful shot reconfigurations, e.g. mirroring the angle of a street dance  shot as well as doing a zoom out for one of the cheerleader shots.

The Adobe Premier Pro workspace colour grading a shot with me in it

The 'Levels' tool allowed us to make the colours richer
What I would change:
  • Not all the shots were the same as the ones we were trying to mirror.
  • Some of the colour grading shots were too intense and so some of the skin tones appeared off-colour.
  • Despite shots being colour graded similarly to the shots we were trying to mirror from the original music video, due to a limited budget for set lighting and a lack of professional quality editing ability it was difficult for us to grade the shots identically, using the three way colour corrector and other features of Adobe Premier Pro.

The three wheel colour corrector for colour grading

An example of a shot that was not of the same level of sophistication as the original video

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