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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 14: My Target Audience

As a group we decided we wanted to target to an audience similar to ourselves as individuals. We targeted for a British audience of both sexes between the ages of 16-25.

Our artist would hope to appeal to a politically interested group in this age ramge by utilising social media as a platform to share fashionable photos as well as posts on political matters. In fact the fundamental message of our music video is raising awareness for police brutality and the effect the police have on the mentality of the youth. As well as this the song choice also allows us to appeal to this same audience, as it has reference to grime and 90s hip hop even in its lyrics. However, after showing this song to a few adults of mostly women, I have learnt that the song also can appeal to n older audience too, for even my media teacher could notice the beauty of the song and the powerful resonance it holds.

The music video itself, as well as being a political statement, will have much voyeurism as well as trendy settings for the second narrative that is to be shot in Shoreditch. The second narrative having a male character will help appeal to both sexes as well.

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