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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 6: Current trends in Popular Music

On the left is the recent, official albums chart and on the right is the official singles chart. These charts are compiled by counting sales of downloads, audio streams, CDs and vinyls. It seems that when analyzing the range of genres, there is a great eclecticism in the album's chart. It seems, with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, being near the top of the album charts, the market for buying albums is mainly for the older target audience, who used to buy vinyls when they were younger at record shops. Perhaps the older generation do seem to recognize a higher appreciation for artists by listening to the collections of songs from an album rather than only listening to the highest charting singles like the youth of today. This is also noticeable from the singles in the singles charts, which are more appealing to young girls and children, e.g. artists like Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix, who are notorious for their electronic mainstream songs that appeal to a young audience. However, there does seem to be a great lacking of R&B and neo-soul, so there definitely is a great potential opening in the market for an artist such as Layla Ade, who goes for this more urban sound.

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